Friday, June 30, 2006


so very, very sad. what can you say about an individual who is this sick? i find myself tempted to wonder about one's right to live with the rest of humanity if one descends to these depths. i know that whoever did this must answer to the ultimate scrutiny eventually. but sometimes, the waiting is hard.


how do i put this image on the sidebar?

low gi/query

i am being quite domestic as i write this post. i am stewing apples and cinnamon. i will make a rolled oats porridge and top it with stewed [sugar free] apples. for those who might give a flying .......... both the apples and the rolled oat porridge are low gi. making them diabetic friendly food. add a little low fat cream or milk, and hey, quite a nice meal. i'm gonna have it for dinner. why post this? just in case chuck checks in. eating low gi stops the blood sugars from spiking and stops hunger. i'll talk about something else later.
interesting that one does not need to prove one is responsible enough to be a parent. anyone, as long as they are deemed old enough, can be a parent regardless of history [both social and legal]. but to get a gun license, a driver's license or a dog license, you must prove you are responsible, [new zealand]. i have a question.
on what planet, does this scenario make sense?


Thursday, June 29, 2006

start to the day

sitting here planning the next guitar lesson for the eight year old. not completely sure how i feel about this though. like most youngsters he doesn't want to learn technique. let's skip that and go straight to guitar hero shall we?
have decided to teach him to sit properly and hold the guitar correctly. he's gonna hate that.:-)

time to take this ol boy out for a wee parambulate in the insipid sunshine. time for walkies!!!
that was a good afternoon's waddle. most enjoyable.
i have just finished another burst on the latest book [rewrite]. mmm, seems to be working. it is slow though. i still think that the business side and the creative side don't mix that well.
it is also time to snip the dog's [rua's] claws. the family are looking for the snips as they are designed for her claws. what a production. they are lost.....
the stat counter reached 500!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


you'd think i had more to write about. this'll have to suffice til my brain wakes up. i reckon to be concious in about 12 hours time. night ya'll.

gardening with the boys

the friend and i went out to find a new tree for his garden. while we were out looking, we found the ideal punga tree. it was situated at the side of a country road and looked about ready to fall off of the bank. amazing as it was, as soon as we got out of the van and grabbed some digging tools, there was traffic everywhere. daring he is my friend, so he climbed up on to the bank to dig out the small tree. as soon as he started to dig, the police drove past! we decided to give it a miss..... a couple of middle aged chickens :-)

yeah right :-) tom scott cartoon

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

this is not how maori behave!

go and get twins' killers, mp's demand: "the police were coming under pressure from politicians today to make arrests in the kahui twins case. the maori affairs minister joined maori party co-leader dr pita sharples and new zealand first in demanding action. three-month-old..."
it is disturbing to see references to "once were warriors" in our media, who seem to be doing their best to incite some sort of racial tension in nz. i have yet to see a warrior code that endorses the abuse of children or anyone who is weaker for whatever reason. it is insulting of our media to suggest that this is a maori problem. when williams killed coral burroughs, [maori] didn't suggest that it was a white problem. child abuse is a community problem, as is the abuse of anyone too weak to defend themselves. women, children, elderly, men, they are all being abused in some manner.

Monday, June 26, 2006

made me think

"knowledge could be viewed as "imperfect understanding." new information is always presenting itself which challenges us to re-examine our faith and view of the universe. we could categorise knowledge into three catergories: perfect knowledge, certain knowledge, and flawed or incomplete knowledge. perfect knowledge is that which is known by God, to be so. certain knowledge is that which we believe to be an accurate reflection of nature, life, and the universe. neither correct or incorrect, when a new fact of existence is discovered, we do not reject it as not in keeping with current doctrine, but rather, we re-examine the doctrine and look at how it might be in error. flawed or incomplete knowledge we know to be flawed/incomplete, to be lacking something that will progress it to certain knowledge."
raymond e feist.

tax time

oh no. the tax form has arrived! i can't [won't] cope. i hate the tax form and all it represents. it means i will have to think about things i don't like. i'll have to remember stuff i don't want to, like, the receipts. i somehow, never get around to organising myself cause that would be organised. oh i soooo hate tax time [shoulders slumping, head bowed].

drunk pelicans

i can see how it is a worry when the pelicans in your city are getting s@*tfaced in public. one even pranged into a car, head on!! perhaps the citizens of los angeles need to give much thought, to the quality of pelican they are allowing into their city.

not enough to go round

dr neil benson in the far north, is having a problem. he can't find any slappers to work in his brothel!
what is nz coming too? no slappers!! i am truly disappointed in the female population of
nz. where are our slappers? i reckon that we'll just have to import some. now australia has it's fair share. perhaps they could spare some for us? he [the dr] is contemplating a return to medicine. one can only shake one's head :-(

Sunday, June 25, 2006

ice fishing

a drunk decides to go ice fishing, so he gathers his gear and goes walking around until he finds a big patch of ice. he heads into the center of the ice and begins to saw a hole. all of sudden, a loud booming voice comes out of the sky.
"you will find no fish under that ice."
the drunk looks around, but sees no one. he starts sawing again. once more, the voice speaks.
"as I said before, there are no fish under the ice."
the drunk looks all around, high and low, but can't see a single soul.
he picks up the saw and tries one more time to finish. before he can even start cutting, the huge voice interrupts.
"i have warned you three times now. there are no fish!" the drunk is now flustered and somewhat scared, so he asks the voice, "how do you know there are no fish? are you God trying to warn me?" "no", the voice replied. "i am the manager of this hockey rink."

abusive families

for some reason, young people in this country keep having children they don't really want. then they, and their families abuse them. this young couple and their family are burying their twin boys this weekend. then they and their family will be investigated for the abuse of those two boys. they and their family have closed ranks and refused thus far, to co-operate with the police, who have narrowed it down to five people. i know it was their lawyer's advice, but we need to get this sorted. not make it more difficult for them. in nz, we should be looking hard, at the reasons for this type of abuse so we can slow it down if not get rid of it altogether. what is the cause of this level of violence and trauma?

the ab's

it's 11am sunday morning. in 30 mintues, the all blacks are playing argentina. not really an important game for the ab's as they use these initial games for the more serious contest, the tri - nations with south africa and australia. but whenever the all blacks play, our country sits up and takes notice. i have the younger bro and a friend coming round to watch the game. looking forward to this. even gonna make some cheese scones!
well, the ab's won 25-19 and it was intense. next we have the tri-nations. it'll be good to see the [a] team play. enough rugby.
i was lent [by george] a cd to listen to. possibilities by herbie hancock. really nice. he has put this album together with sting, joss stone, john mayer, santana, and paul simon to mention a few. great stuff. i like the mixed genre. lots of jazz/blues/latin. stand out tracks are sister moon [sting] and when love comes to town [joss stone]. get yourself a listen soon.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


every time i try to look at my blog, i am forbidden from the server. how weird is that. interesting that i can still go to the dashboard and post. might be my zone alarm?
spent time starting the new story today. the sock monster. pretty easy to figure out that one. it can be a bit of a trip translating my ideas into kid's. but that is the skill i am trying to develop. tis enjoyable though.
last night's adventure [playing music with friends] turned out to be a late one. arrived home at 2am this morning. i have been a sorry arsed sad sack all day. reckon sleep will come easy tonight. my ex showed up last night. that sure was a trip. we get on well though. pleased about that. mmm i am tired. my hands are very dry. annoying.

Friday, June 23, 2006

friday down time

a day it sure was today. i am a very recent convert to the wearing of thermal underwear. i got myself three tops and three bottoms today because i am soooooo sick of the cold. i have to say [hate that saying] i like them.
little brother just called from the katmandu sale where he is getting some for the folks. we decided to do that otherwise they will continue to put up with the cold.
took my mum out today for coffee and a saltana scone. we also did a bit of shopping [she likes to do that] for fun. and for you kiwi-ana enthusiasts!!! off now to play some music with friends [the only way to do it]. out for a bit of fun. should be good. beats watching tv, that's for sure. see you later.....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

it is what it is.....

wellington weather - guitar student

wellington weather - the cook straight rockin and rolling as only wellington can.
i have my first guitar sudent in two hours. that will be an interesting experience. he is an eight year old boy. his taste in music is appropriate i guess. it should be real interesting. will report back later.
well later has arrived. he is a typical eight year old boy. he has the attention span of a goldfish and the work habits of the truly inept. quite a laugh. the poor kid has had three teachers in a year. he still doesn't hold the guitar correctly. never mind his posture and his right/left hand technique. i have my work cut out for me. he is a nice wee chap though. his dad paid for ten lessons up front. that was good.
dinner was great. i made vegetable soup and cheese scones. yum. even the teenager [chev] enjoyed his scone. not a sweet thing in sight.
the contract for the book didn't arrive again today. i'm such an impatient bugger. i will only believe it when the contract is signed.

cold and murder

new freezing blast sweeps country: "another cold front sweeping the country has closed roads and turned southern regions into an ice rink, police say. the central north island was largely cut off and the hawkes bay ranges were next in line for snowfall. the desert..."
whoa, it is very cold here today. the south island is the worst with power out in extreme cold conditions. here in welly it is the wind and rain that is lashing us severely.
go here to read this about whales. it is lovely. yet another story to verify that the japanese want to murder sentient beings.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

for shame japan

ex-pm brands japan's actions over us whaling 'outrageous': "frigate bay, st kitts and nevis - japan's attempts to 'blackmail' the united states over alaska's bowhead whaling hunting quota are 'outrageous', former new zealand prime minister sir geoffrey palmer has said. sir geoffrey made..."
go the usa - don't cave in on this.....
hey chuck, it was gr8 to hear from you. i visit you most days but ya'll haven't been round l8ly. left a message over at your place.
we are having a serious rain here at the moment. i am about to get myself to sleep. i had to have a banana because my blood sugars are too low to get me through till the morning. it's a good way to be i can tell you. i have, i will admit, been just a little off on my food intake. reading chuck's latest blog has reminded me of just what i have accomplished over the last year and how close i am to not needing insulin any more. i have only been a little out on a limb and i'm gettin right back on the straight and narrow. it really is the straight and narrow. if i wander just a wee bit, i suffer. diabetes is so intolerant. it is also very harmful if you're not careful. things are slowly looking up. i might even end up with some success [dare i say it] at last. you just never know, do ya.


breakthrough in battle against diabetes: "doctors have made a breakthrough in dealing with one of new zealand's fastest-growing diseases, spawned in part by the obesity epidemic. new techniques at the starship children's hospital will help manage type 2 diabetes, reducing..."
yeah, more good news for us diabetics. that's what i like to see.
well, the contract is in the mail. i am interested to see what an author gets paid for writing educational material for children. i have also submitted my second book. i wonder how that one will be received? this book is about my mother, in a round about way. just as the first one was about my father.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


i wonder if he is happy? was it worthwhile? was it [terrorism] the right thing to do? is violence an answer to anything at all? does violent thought count as violence to his like? did he get the 72 virgins? were they ugly? were they as ugly as he was in life? would he tell those who are left carrying on with the ugliness? was God pissed?
i have developed a new skill. i can destroy my blog really well:-) maybe zarqawi attacked my blog!
when i play with the blog, i really should save my settings on my notepad.....
mmm, i wonder what clock i'm gonna put on the blog now? i reckon the sidebar is too big too.....
[i like the dots]:-)


woohoo! go you good kiwi........
nz entrepreneur's humdinga catches eye of us military
: "the growing range of amphibian craft designed by nz entrepreneur alan gibbs has caught the eye of the united states military. gibbs technologies has won a us department of defence contract to evaluate its high-speed amphibian..." amphibian what?
i am spewing over the backdown on whaling that some pacific nations have encouraged. i wonder what japan has promised them to allow the murdering of a race of sentient beings? and it's freezing this morning!
i wish the contract would arrive in the mail. getting even more impatient now. moving ahead in life would be so much more fun.
but, i have a sore throat and i can't stop sneezing. bummer.

Monday, June 19, 2006


teachers who walked tots through tunnel suspended: "two early childhood teachers have been suspended after walking seven toddlers through a wellington tunnel as traffic passed at 100km/h. the group were walking hand-in-hand through the terrace motorway tunnel on a narrow concrete..."
you just have to read this piece of idiocy. i live here!!


wow! it is cold today.
i have been playing with google. setting it up as a homepage with rss reader and my favourite sites. i'll get it sorted soon. time to go outdoors to the library.....but it's so cold. still waiting for the publishing contract. i am so impatient. have written another story though. get back later. later it is.....
a cold trip to the library and the local rag where i put an advert in for more guitar students.
the hungry horde has just arrived home from school. the noise quota escalated noticably. ah well, they will settle down to their homework which they cannot do independently. of course that negates it's effectiveness as a positive learning experience but hey, that is our education system. they have excelled at snatching failure from the jaws of success, time and time again. it's a hard ask, but someone has to do it. govt does not belong in education. they are just not qualified.
i am about to plan the first lesson for my first guitat sudent in a while. i thought a book on beginner guitar requirements are in order. it's been a while since i was a beginner. it's an interesting read. correct posture! no wonder i can get sore shoulders playing for long periods. no one taught me that :-)
went to the movies with my brother, his wife and his two children. no this is not a joke. i sat next to ms four year old who entertained herself by pulling on my ears, my nose and telling me to shhh! even though i hadn't said a word. my brother was highly amused, as was i. i have decided only to go to the movies with ms four only when i am not worried about actually seeing the movie. we did share a popcorn.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


feudalism you have two cows. your lord takes some of the milk.

pure socialism you have two cows. the government takes them and puts them in a barn with everyone else's cows. you have to take care of all the cows. the government gives you as much milk as you need.

bureaucratic socialism you have two cows. the government takes them and puts them in a barn with everyone else's cows. they are cared for by ex-chicken farmers. you have to take care of the chickens the government took from the chicken farmers. the government gives you as much milk and eggs the regulations say you should need.

fascism you have two cows. the government takes both, hires you to take care of them, and sells you the milk.

pure communism you have two cows. your neighbours help you take care of them, and you all share the milk.

russian communism you have two cows. you have to take care of them, but the government takes all the milk.

cambodian communism you have two cows. the government takes both and shoots you.

dictatorship you have two cows. the government takes both and drafts you.

pure democracy you have two cows. your neighbours’ decide who gets the milk.

representative democracy you have two cows. your neighbours pick someone to tell you who gets the milk.

bureaucracy you have two cows. at first the government regulates what you can feed them and when you can milk them. then it pays you not to milk them. then it takes both, shoots one, milks the other and pours the milk down the drain. then it requires you to fill out forms accounting for the missing cows.

pure anarchy you have two cows. either you sell the milk at a fair price or your neighbours try to take the cows and kill you.

surrealism you have two giraffes. the government requires you to take harmonica lessons.

olympics-ism* you have two cows, one american, one chinese. with the help of trilling violins and state of the art montage photography, john tesh narrates the moving tale of how the american cow overcame the agony of growing up in a suburb with (gasp) divorced parents, then mentions in passing that the chinese cow was beaten every day by a tyrannical farmer and watched its parents butchered before its eyes. the american cow wins the competition, severely spraining an udder in a gritty performance, and gets a multi-million dollar contract to endorse wheaties. the chinese cow is led out of the arena and shot by chinese government officials, though no one ever hears about it. mcdonald's buys the meat and serves it hot and fast at its beijing restaurant.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


what's up with blogger? i still can't post pics :-(
mr five year old nephew stayed the whole night! amazing. he is getting very brave. woke up this morning to the sound of him fighting the fight with the terrorist. not sure who won.
i will NOT be happy if there is a turn around at the whaling commission. it troubles me that the japanese cannot see they are wanting to hunt an intelligent species we share this planet with. even worse, it is our own neighbours in the pacific that have sold out on this. we in nz are definitely against whaling. they also want to be able to hunt dolphin! what are they on? not the same as us, for sure. i am surprised at the inherent savagery in some people.
speaking of which. there is an ARSEHOLE [excuse the language] running around auckland who raped a 37 year old woman in her own home the other day. she [the victim] has vowed not to let this cretin wreck her life. i am so with her on this. you go girl, big ups to you. they [the police] will get him. this place is too small. there is nowhere to run. this creep is in for a long holiday at the govt's pleasure. the man is coming for you rapist.....there is no doubt about it. you must be removed from our streets. you have given away the same rights as the rest of us. do not pass go! no get out of jail card!

Friday, June 16, 2006


my first guitar student has left a message on my phone. will call him tomorrow. another piece of the puzzle that might be my life has fallen into place. how am i supposed to get to sleep now? i guess i will read for a while.
my brother's son, mr five year old is staying the night. he's a big brave boy now. hope he doesn't want to go home at 2am in the morning.


every year it's the same thing. we have power cuts. the public blame the government, the government blame the power companies, the power companies duck and dive and look for the same old excuses. now they are blaming
a shackle for the power cut. for some reason, they can't seem to fathom the concept that their maintainance programme is flawed. they just can't cope. perhaps they could pay their executives more money and that might help. as usual, the govt are saying "this must not happen again!" they will prevent it by blaming someone else. i'm not sure how that will work. it hasn't for the last few years.
we have a new hyper - mart in auckland. just the thing needed to help us degenerate even more into a land of aquisitive teenage shop - a - holics. deep down, i couldn't help but feel that auckland deserved it. imagine if you will, the hordes of truant kids hiding out at the hyper - mart on a daily basis. little did they know, they would be improving the working conditions of the greater auckland teaching fraternity. ha ha, we are too intelligent in wellington to inflict that on ourselves. i hope.....i did hear they were selling $6.99 cooked chooks!
and now another piece of invaluable kiwi-ana.

major bummer. i can't upload a pic at the moment. it seems blogger is ill.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

what a good day :-)

i spent time on the new book this morning. oh the motivation. it's wonderful how success influences your life. as usual, there's no guarantees, but the ideas flowed thick and fast. there is a nice feeling about writing a children's book. i can't imagine it happening in the same way or with the same feelings when writing for older people. the first one is about the relationship between a boy and his dad. this one is about his relationship with his mother. hope they like it. you could say it is pretty personal, but that way, i know what i'm talking about.
this afternoon was spent with a friend playing our guitars and discussing ideas. that is also a lot of fun.
what a day! this level of creativity is very good for the way i am feeling. i have had a few ideas that i am bouncing off my friend, and he is being very helpful. perhaps i will indeed be able to post something not too far out in the future. ooh, a scary thought. off to buy some food, laces, and a new sweater. all good.
it's now 6:50pm and i got myself two sweaters. now that my clothes size has dropped dramatically i am a clothes junky. i just can't help it. it's really quite enjoyable.
wellingtonista have moved to a .com address. it's worth a look at our fair "capital" city. click in and peruse.....i went into wellington tonight, to see kayte and the barflies play at the bristowe in cuba street. my friend from this afternoon was playing bass and i met another friend, he was playing drums. a good evening of original blues.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

moving on

i have tried twice, to get in touch with the editor who has accepted my submission for the children's book today. of course she has been away for the day. just enough there to keep me frustrated. it will though, be interesting to peruse the contract that will be offered. i am also wondering at the level of remuneration one can expect from this enterprise. exciting times. i can sure picture myself writing books and playing music. a rather romantic feel to it i am enjoying. woke up about 3am this morning. couldn't get back to sleep, too many thoughts and fantasies running through my head. i can't help it, no matter how unrealistic, especially the one about being able to afford my own living space he he he.....i assume reality will hit soon.

initial thoughts

something good
creative, useful, loving
peaceful, life, natural, deep
when did "He" plan this?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

uploading pic experiment

well, some people can see the pic. that's good. for some reason i can't on my firefox browser and it's very frustrating. i have "no script" and "adblock." i think it's something to do with one of those extra's. i sure hope someone can enlighten me. i can see the guitar with my IE but i can't see the clock. i can see the clock with my firefox but not the guitar.
there is however, good news to be had. a wee while ago, i submitted a draft children's story to an educational publisher in wellington. they have just got in touch. they want to buy and then publish the script. thanks goes first, to the Lord, who provided the where withall to write the book. i am not yet sure of the earning potential, but "published children's authour" is a cool thing to add to the cv!


while i think of it. how do you post pictures on your blogs? apologies for my dumbness:-) i am having a nice bucket of india tea, the terrorist is asleep in front of the fire. the radio is on and i am quite warm. thankful for small pleasures.....

tues in nz

we are indeed having weather issues in nz. i [fortunately] live in wellington, we are situated at the southern tip of the north island which puts us about the middle of the country. we are having wind and rain and the wind is from the south today [antactica] so it is reasonably cold [7-8 deg celcius]. we have not had the extremes of the south island or further north. you can tell that auckland wasn't happy about the effect of the weather at all. the power cuts have cost squillions.
there is still fallout re the muslim we kicked out. i still feel the same about it. keep your trash in your own home. we have our own to deal with.
in answer to a question, my mum is danish/english/jewish/french and my dad was maori/spanish. my dad passed on some 16 years ago in a horse - breaking accident.
it is getting colder.....

Sunday, June 11, 2006


i didn't think that i would be talking about this kind of issue in my blog. it looks though, that i will have to.
i live in new zealand or as it is sometimes called, aotearoa. we are in the pacific. near us are australia, samoa, tonga, fiji, tokelau. the tangata whenua [original people] of this land are maori of which i am [partly] one. we have our own customs, language, traditions all the usual stuff people have. our nation, was colonised by england with whom we have a treaty. we have never ceeded our nationhood to england. our curiosity as a people has allowed and encouraged us to share our country with those who would come here to live. there have been rights and wrongs but generally, this is a good safe place to live. most "ism's" are not easily tolerated here. sexism, rascism, ageism [against the young or the old], religious fanatisism. these are things that we can live without. we
have in fact, lived without them. sadly, these things are starting to raise their collective ugliness in our lives. providing racism we have the national front and kyle chapman. we have just kicked a radical muslim out of our country. sadly, they thought that it was exceptable to bring their particular brand of hate to our country. generally, people are welcome here. i do wish that they would realise that visiting someone else's house requires manners. please, keep your "shit" at your own house. we don't need it. i should say, we [maori] too have our problems. we have racists and ageists, even religious nuts. it is just as thoughtless for us as it is for anyone else. just as unforgivable.

Friday, June 09, 2006


just arrived home from a night of playing music with the friends [who else would one play music with]? most enjoyable. not used to standing with the guitar on a strap. have sore shoulders but that is fine. i knew it would happen. the friends hire a local hall [a small one] every second friday and they all get together for a play. i sang one song tonight. a fool such as i, the version by rodney crowell. haven't done that in a while. good fun.
it's 11:48 and everyone has gone to bed. on a friday night if you will. not in the least bit tired. so pleased i haven't stayed home for telly watching. i won't be watching the football world cup. not even slightly interested. the all blacks [rugby] play ireland tomorrow night. now that interests me. go the all blacks [typical kiwi]!!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

the terrorist

the terrorist is quite small. he is also fluffy and white. at three months he thinks he is 6' tall and bullet proof. he chases family members around the house. he attacks from under the bedding. he stalks from behind the furniture. he has little fear of anything though he got a fright the other night when he met a gunslinger tomcat in the front yard. so far he has only wounded one person. i am waiting for events to unfold.
i am getting slightly confused with choice. shall i webcast on demand? shall i advertise showtimes? now i have discovered how easy it is to podcast! oh confusion does indeed reign. i actually tried out my one gig notebook today. it will suffice quite nicely. i have to get into the habit of carrying it around with me for when inspiration strikes. i missed two ideas yesterday.
man this mobile connection still sucks, even on broadband. bummer.
am listening to the dixie chicks while i write this. on my way now to the music store to by a strap lock for my guitar. busy boy.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


i have a weakness for boston legal. very amusing. what is frustrating is the 8 minutes of actual programme before the adverts kick in. how can those *&%@! who programme this stuff actually come to the conclusion that, that level of advertising is actually doing anyone any good? we have pay television!
it seems president bush was heard to be upset when it was reported that 3 brazilian people were killed in iraq. he was last heard trying to find out how many there was in a brazilian........[good one chuck] :-)

tues morn

it is an interesting aspect of nz schools that they must fund raise to meet running costs because the govt under funds for their needs. to this end, we had wacky hair day this morning. what happens is we do up the kids hair in some kind of outrageous fashion, which costs money and time. then we send them to school with some far out concoction resting atop their collective heads and we pay a dollar for the experience. lovely.
it took a while to get out of my nice warm bed this morning. still have not ventured outside. the car is covered with ice. man it is cold. winter is well and truly upon us. we are in fact just above zero which is a small blessing. in the south they are well below.
the guitar is becoming more familiar, the playing is improving rapidly and becoming the pleasure i knew it would. i have this feeling of expectation running through my being. not exactly sure what it is i am expecting though. i am actually excited, but i don't knnow why.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

a nice one

the family dinner was a hoot. miss 4 year old nelle certainly spread her meal all about the place. we had thai food so there was rice for nelle to launch in all directions and that, she dutifully did. max and cole [the intrepid 6 year olds] had a ball. no matter what we do, they manage somehow, to include a good ol wrestle into the bargain. some forty-five of us showed up to this thai place and they found it hard to cope with [we had given them two days to prepare]. so we ate in relays. the diabetes objected so i won't go there again. too much rice and noodles. i should have known. still, back in order now. the meal was in a banquet style, chev was challenged with the idea that we would share. he wanted to keep his plate to himself. that was a giggle.
i have been out for the daily flat white this afternoon which i enjoyed greatly with my friend the painter. a long discussion about life, appreciation, sharing and the nature of forgiveness. we then gathered in driftwood from the beach for firewood. all in all, a nice one.

Friday, June 02, 2006


there has to be a reason, right? this whatever it is, can't just be a random series of events........

Thursday, June 01, 2006


it is cold. brrrrrr!
it was a good date scone and flat white morning. my friend the painter and i went out and looked at blocks of land for sale which was all good. there is this place called moores valley about a half hour from the capital city [wellington]. quite rural. trees, fields, hills, very picturesque. we decided that a good single malt of an evening, a sunset, in the country, sounded like us.
i also put an ad in the local rag advertising my services as a guitar teacher. i think working for myself is another step forward that i need to make. all within the aim, of realising my previously stated goal. it could be exciting.

our girls :-(

i guess we are maturing as a nation? you have to wonder though.