Saturday, July 21, 2007

all blacks 26 -12 over oz!

yehaa! after all the confidence from oz, it wasn't that easy after all.
well done all blacks, congrats graham and the team.
well done the ferns 67-65 over oz. a good night for aotearoa.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

i was thinking

i was thinking about something i heard the other day. a funny little saying. on reflection, it seems that there is much more to this saying that first struck me. it goes, "when the going gets tough, the average get conservative." i reckon they do indeed. aotearoa is a good example of that. it'll be interesting to see how things go with a rugby test at hand, the maori party under attack because they couldn't convince aotearoa to repeal the seashore act, taggers should do a scout stint??? very weird. they should do more than that.
i wonder what kinds of idiocy our politicians have been up to today?

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Friday, July 13, 2007

some people take up too much space

there are some people who are unfortunately living on this world who have no business being here. they torture, kill, maim rob and rape. whoever did this is definitely one (or two) of them. being an insensitive teen does not excuse this behaviour. if they are adults they too should be put down. if you know, do something about it. its a shame we don't have punishment that fits the crime.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Parent attacked with carjack after row at kids' game

this is disgusting behaviour. what an excellent example of sportsmanship to show your sons. be ashamed vili laalaai, be ashamed.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

folole muliaga, mercury power

Folole Muliaga died on may 29 after a mercury energy contractor cut power at her mangere home due to an overdue bill, turning off the mains-powered oxygen machine which helped her breathe.
her family were forced to spend a cold night at their mangere home, but a phone conversation between a victim support worker and mercury aired on tv one's sunday programme last night showed the family was told no reconnection would be made until further payments were made.
"she may have passed away in the last couple of days but. . . i know it's been hard but it's irrelevant," a mercury supervisor told the victim support worker.
"they've got arrears disco (disconnection) notices, they've had disco notices. the family obviously are living at the property with this person, they need to take responsibility for themselves and for the property."

it seems that Folole Muliaga's man had actually made part payments and that the power was "disco'd" when they actually owed less than $40.
who is responsible here? who has got our society in such as state that this can happen? this needs to be looked at, discussed, and sorted out. now!

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

raping the poor through power prices

residential electricity prices are up 40% above inflation in the past 6 years. power company profits have soared. lower socio economically placed kiwis are suffering. $300 million made on the backs of the poor in new zealand by the power companies. who is responsible for this? who is responsible for poor people freezing in their homes this winter? how is it that these power companies are allowed to hold kiwis to ransom?
oh, i know, we're responsible, we put this govt in there again. trouble is, there will be no relief under a national govt either.
when did the labour govt stop caring about poorer people in nz? since when was this capitalistic politically correct negligence acceptable? it sure is puzzling. helen clarke, you have blown it. john key, you do not offer anything superior.
what to do???

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