Saturday, April 29, 2006

petrol prices - telco's

i looked at "stuff" this morning, people are upset at the price of petrol. they seem to forget that the poor petrol companies are rolling in the money over this. the govt are doing ok as well. i wonder what they do with the tax they take in? we are not driving on it. there don't seem to be more quality roads. the planning of transport systems doesn't seem to be knocking down the congestion. someone is doing well out of this. there is a lot of money going somewhere. even though the cost of crude went down by $4 USD a barrell! i see caltex has recorded record profits....what is this about? ask more questions!!!!!! write letters!!!!
now for my favourite pet hate. we do suffer from lack of choice when it comes to phone/internet services. the cost of a mobile call is an absolute rip off. broadband is a joke. i think it is time the the govt unbundled the national phone network so that companies can compete for our dollar. make more noise people

Friday, April 28, 2006

i read the wellingtonista

i have discovered a blog called the wellingtonista. it's all good. i have not heard of any of the contributors but it is about good old welly and i think it's great. get on to that one especially if you are away from home. just read about the trekkie convention at the events centre. yahoo.