Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Shack

I have just finished reading this extraordinary tale of love, relationship, forgiveness and healing. Some perceptions put forward are truly incredible. The idea that the bible is meant to be a way for us to form an idea of who Christ might be and what He wants for us, is unlike the rule laden, barren house, that is the Bride that I have come to know. A place where forgiveness is preached but not truly in evidence. A place where rules are paramount, without regard to the instruction from the Lord not to judge.
The description of the 10 Commandments has indeed given me pause for thought. That they might be a "mirror" for us to use to see the filthy face that stares back at us, convicting us for our judgemental way of life but not requiring guilt, "where is that getting you?" That living by the rules of the Commandments allows us to accuse. What has that to do with a relationship with God and with each other? Scary! never forces. Are we able to live by such an attempt to set us free from our choice to continually live apart from the Lord? To live in relationship, as we were meant to do?
The Shack asks some searching questions. It is a shame that there seems to be many, who are too concerned with the rules. The very stuff that was put to rest as the nails were driven into the loving flesh of Jesus who took that pain, so we would not have to.

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