Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mahinarangi Tocker "RIP"

Listening to The Miracle Sun.
The horse blows next to the window as the fly flies around my head. I can feel the tug of nature, calling me, invading my thoughts. Don wails away in the background, from the Front Lawn. I can smell the bread. The bread that warms me, fills me with whaanau, with aroha. Leaves, lay around, put there by the time, not being leaves.
How does this relate? Where will it fit?
7 die in a flood, a girl is looked for in the Waimakariri, their mothers weep deep gut howls of rage and longing.
Still the bread smells.
Don is finished.
Mahinarangi died.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Desay M888 iphone clone

I got one the other day. Looks just like an IPhone. Works real well too. The touch screen is a novel thing for me. It has taken some getting used to. Would love to use it for calling more often but we in Aotearoa NZ are being ripped off by Telecom and Vodafone so most of us use the texting. Interesting price comparison. An Iphone retails from $1600 - $2k in Aotearoa NZ. The M888 cost me $260 brand spanking! Have not used the IP dialing or net facility or the bluetooth, but I'll get round to it. Not into gaming so won't go there. Love the touch screen though.

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