Friday, March 30, 2007

sodomising baby boy

i for one, do not believe in capital punishment. but, if this animal actually did sodomise his baby boy, i'm not sure there is a place on this planet for him. i can accept that there are those who through no premeditation of their own, have these evil desires. i cannot and will not accept that these pockets of pure evil are acted upon. it is up to these people to control themselves. if they can't and they act on it, they are no longer [in my eyes] human. therefore, they have no rights as we know them. check it out here.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

shipton sex tapes

well done brad. way to treat a woman. what's it like to join the slappers of this world? paris hilton can't compete with you. not sure she'd want to though. i know, you could call it training. policeman need training. not sure how it helped you to be a better councillor. dude, fat guys shouldn't video themselves having sex. its just not cool.

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nelson racists in jail

harry shannon dennis mccormack 28, and daniel bryan kitto, 20 are racists. a particularly low form of ism that is not welcome here in aotearoa. they found some asian students aged 14-16 years old, shouted racial abuse "go home" etc and then physically assaulted them. this attack was violent and unprovoked. a message to daniel and harry. "go home. you are not wanted here!" this disgusting behaviour has not earned you the right to live in this place. go back to where your embarrassed [well they should be] ancestors come from. we don't need supremacists of any race here.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

anti-smacking bill smacked!

the govt have put the brakes on the anti-smacking bill. could it be that they will listen to the people on this? nah, they've been told before. they will pull their heads in for a wee while and then come at it again. for some reason they [sue bradford] wants to do it because it's good for us [*%#@!]. the latest poll says 15% want the bill and the rest of us are not interested. is 85% not enough of a majority? the obvious way out of this situation is called referendum. make sure the correct questions are asked. i know the people will come back with answers you [the govt] might not want to hear, but this is, a democracy, isn't it?

kia kaha bob mccoskrie [family first] you get that referendum happening.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

our police and their behaviour

the sunday news have been given an hour long video showing brad shipton and two other men having sex with a woman. evidently, the other two men are ex police officers. shipton was also a tauranga city councillor. he might have had a bondage/discipline room at his bar in tauranga. the woman "mary" who supplied and starred in the video would also give oral sex to officers for getting a lift home from the pub. annette king [minister of police] wants a report. perhaps she is excited by the idea. but you needn't be concerned, this will not alter the commission of enquiry report into police behaviour. i guess that means this is consistent with the report.
i don't know about you, but i am wondering about how consistently the police recruit for their ranks. sexually violent and abusive men should not be acceptable in our police force. this, after all that has gone on regarding clint rickard, bob schollum and brad shipton's court trial late last year and finding our that shipton and schollum are in jail for rape. someone, somewhere needs to wake up.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

ignoring the treaty again!

the government wants to ignore the treaty again. this time they want ownership of the freshwater resources in aotearoa. another fight looms over this resource as it did over the foreshore. one thing it does achieve is the bringing together of nga iwi tu tangata o aotearoa. out of the foreshore debate rose the maori party. i can see that someone will try to test ownership in the courts, that will force the govt into legislation as the treaty is clear:

Article two:
The Queen of England agrees to protect the chiefs, the subtribes and all the people of New Zealand in the unqualified exercise (7) of their chieftainship over their lands, villages and all their treasures (8). But on the other hand the Chiefs of the Confederation and all the Chiefs will sell(9) land to the Queen at a price agreed to by the person owning it and by the person buying it (the latter being) appointed by the Queen as her purchase agent.

the important bit is 'our chieftainship over our lands, villages, and all our treasures.' for some time now [since 1840], the pakeha iwi have been ignoring their obligations in regard to the treaty. sooner or later nga iwi maori tatou will have had enough of being 2nd class citizens in their own land. how will pakehadom deal with that?

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

telecom rip-off

internet (broadband) in nz is a complete rip-off. i wonder why the govt allow telecom to dictate, which results in an inferior service. i have just been on "youtube" looking at videos. can't stream cause there's no bandwidth [must be two kiwis on-line]. we just get this slow jerky feed which is very frustrating. get the overhaul done. its about time were were on fibre optics like the rest of the planet.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

over weight nation

we harp on about it. we worry about it. we worry about the cost to the tax payer. i even heard them worrying about the ambulance workers trying to deal with these people. but do we stop the dealers? maccas, kfc, burger king..... no we don't. why? it's the money. we gotta have the money at all cost. but is the cost to the health service and the tax payer [never mind the individual] worth it? now, what about the individual? what help do they need to deal with this addiction? we are in trouble. our kids are paying this particular bill on our behalf.

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leave her alone!

kathie rifle has paid for her mistake tenfold. i cannot fathom the thought process that insisted she face the courts so long after her tragic accident that killed her three children. the police have no discretion? she pleaded guilty to careless driving causing death, and had to relive it all again. what kind of unfeeling system have we that will put this woman through her own private hell again? this woman is recognised as a pillar in her community. no alcohol or drugs were involved, it was a tragic accident that she pays her price for every day.
"it is clear you are a person who has always given, helped and shared and had a positive outlook on life. you are regarded as a mother of great goodness but you are sad in your plight and have a huge depth of guilt and remorse ... i don't think i can punish you any more than you continue to punish yourself," said judge gregory ross.
why did we do this to her? isn't this an opportunity to forgive?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

sick mind

some evil doer left a four kilogram box of grain laced with poison (alpha-chloralose) out at western springs park and it killed nearly 80 birds. ducks, pigeons, swans, and pukeko. if this was deliberately done all i can say is, someone is an evil person. how long till this person no longer gets his kicks killing defenceless animals? whoever you are, you are "sick."
the poison basically reduced the birds' body temperature and that was fatal.
the treatment mostly involved restoring body temperatures provided the birds had not eaten too much of the grain.
it feels 'scary' to be part of a society which has people in it, capable of doing this.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

miss potter [my review]

tonight was movie night. along i went, quietly confident that i would enjoy this biopic of beatrix potter. renee zellweger was very convincing. her accent was lovely. she was absolutely devastated when her first love died while she was away for the summer. i never tired of the movie at all. i was actually disappointed when it [the movie] finished, as i hadn't had enough. i cannot imagine living with all the social constraints that were a part of her life. i am now remembering the prints i have seen in her stories [peter rabbit etc]. ewan mcgregor was excellent as her first love norman warne. not only did he die, but they suffered at the hands of her social climbing mother. just great.

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judge slams cyf as staff fail to watch teen criminal

"all the concerns are still there. changes in social workers, lack of contact with young offenders, poor understanding of events, late reports, inadequate reports, real issues hidden under the carpet, conveniently pushed aside with recommendations that virtually amount to a suggestion everything gets concluded today, without ever addressing (the offender's) real problems." said principal youth court judge, andrew becroft.
the 16-year-old, a member of an auckland youth gang, has a raft of previous offences dating back to 2004, mainly burglary and wilful damage. He was sentenced to supervision and community work in may last year on nine charges. but he failed to attend counselling and the order collapsed.
his original social worker resigned and the youth told the judge he had never met his new social worker and did not even know his name.

it's this kind of stuff that has given rise to cyfswatch. this department must be held accountable for it's actions or lack thereof. what an absolute muddle. must be run by bureaucrats.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

anti-smacking [again]

as usual, i read the latest report on what sue bradford is up to with her bill and i am slowly being forced to recognise that sue and her ilk do not have a very positive view of the average kiwi. there is a case for reflection [maraea puawai gray"] regarding how some people get to the state of mind where abusing children is a viable course of action. just can't help feeling that this anti-smacking bill is more of an ambulance at the bottom of a cliff, than a preventative measure. passing this bill, will not go anywhere near addressing the cause for gray's behaviour. so of course i am wondering about sue's agenda. making criminals out of parents who are reasonably dealing with "their" children's behaviours, not, i think, an effective response to those who abuse their children and will continue to regardless of the bill. it will though, drive them underground.
a man smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 40 years then dies of lung cancer. his family sues the cigarette company. a woman crashes while driving drunk, then blames the barman who served her. your children are out of control so you blame violence on TV, lack of discipline in school or the influence of their friends. we need to take responsibility for what we do, is it any wonder? watch out for the pc brigade, they have and are, creating a monster.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


i heard a very pertinent question this morning. "sue bradford is fighting for her anti-smacking bill, who exactly is she fighting?" i thought it was obvious. 80% of nz's population according to the polls. many of them are parents who do not treat their children abusively. the people who abuse their children would do so regardless of sue's bill. why punish those who do not?

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

they're back!

the pre-season conditioning programme for the 'all blacks' is over. they start coming back into the competition next week. this will be interesting. evidently huge gains have been made physically [in terms of their strength, power and speed]. the nrl [rugby league] season starts next weekend. the 'warriors' have the 'eels.' should be great. fortunately, i have just got 'mysky' so i need not miss my favourite games. looking forward to this.

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parents should have the choice [regarding corporal punishment] as to which school they send their children to. if they wish to send their children to schools with christian values, what business is that of the ministry of education? it is not their [the ministry's] task to decide how it is, kiwis live. yet another example of the govt trying to bully kiwis into living the way they [the govt] want. de powering the population. not their [the govt's] job. sometimes it's like living in a benevolent dictatorship.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

they are not convinced

it seems that women [generally] are not convinced when it comes to rickard, schollum and shipton and their not guilty verdict. last night [international women's day] there were protests around the country. they want law changes. they want an end to sexual violence [do ya think?]. it is weird how half the population can still be treated as second class. they [women] are adamant about rickard not getting his job back. they are calling the situation an "abuse of power", which it is.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

graeme burton said.....

graeme burton wrote this:

My name is Graeme William Burton and this is my version of events relating to my release on parole. I was released on parole on July 10, 2006, after spending approximately 14 years in prison on a life sentence. I was looking forward to getting out and starting a new life. I intended this to go well.
The New Zealand Parole Board set out a number of conditions that were part of my release on parole. One of the conditions was that I reside in a suburb in Wellington. The flat was a one- bedroom flat and part of a block of four flats. My flat was the bottom one. Access to the flat was difficult.
My birth mother was required to live with me for the first month of my release. I had met my mother about 12 times while in prison. It was okay living with her for about the first two weeks. When my mother arrived from Australia we went into an empty house. There was no furniture, no beds. She slept in a sleeping bag on the floor for the first three days. I slept on the floor with only a blanket; however, I didn't sleep for the first three days. It was also the adrenaline rush of freedom that didn't allow me to sleep.
It was July and freezing in the middle of winter and a cold snap at that time. We had no power for a week.
I had no ID and couldn't open a bank account for two weeks. I couldn't cash my Steps to Freedom. My mother had to get the cheque changed into her name. I had no history with any bank and no credit rating with any power company. I didn't exist. Finally I got a letter from my probation officer and convinced a bank branch that I needed an account and opened one. My mother had to open a power account for me.
The sensory deprivation of 14 years in jail made me have heightened senses. Everything around me I noticed. I missed nothing. The colours were brighter.
My mother took me around to the Salvation Army Hope Centre in Newtown. We saw a fella who said he'd sort stuff out and send around to the flat later. The furniture took a few days to arrive. My mother and me set up the flat. The Salvation Army donated the furniture.
The bed that arrived was no good – the springs had gone and it wrecked my back. I was used to the prison hard beds.
In the first two weeks things went okay. Then we both started to feel holed up in the one-bedroom flat. We started getting at each other a little to begin with. I didn't really know her to live with. She didn't expect me to be so intense. She was quite relaxed.
I was racing around town because I felt under immense pressure by Probation because I had all the probation and parole conditions to keep to. All this had to be done by Friday July 14, 2006.
I met my probation officer on the second day at the probation office in Newtown.
I couldn't even get my Work and Income payment as I had no bank account. My mother gave me the money to start with, as I didn't have any of my own at all. I was given a food voucher for $100 when I got out of prison but it had to be used on the day that I got out of jail and we didn't have time to get the food. It expired at the end of the first day and so we had no food. We never got any other voucher to replace it.
I was on the unemployment benefit to begin with, which was $160. This changed to a student allowance after a while. It was difficult to sort out the student allowance as my mother had gone by then. It was difficult to get an appointment at Study Links halfway through the year. I was at school at this time studying at the New Zealand Institute of Sport.
On the first day when I moved into the flat I said "hello" to my neighbour. He just grunted at me and slammed the door. The neighbour was crazy. He would bang on the wall whenever he heard the slightest noise in my flat. He'd just start banging.
He'd hear us come home – we'd be really quiet not to disturb him at first. He banged at anytime. It could be 4am and he'd bang for hours. He really loved to do loud power kicks and punches at the wall.
This scared my mother and my auntie when she came to visit, especially when they found out he went into another neighbour's house and pulled a knife and threatened to kill them. I talked to one of the other neighbours and they had the same problems with the crazy man. The flat I was in was empty for the previous nine months because of this mad guy.
I told the probie about the mad neighbour and that he'd threaten to kill the other neighbour and about my concern for my mother's safety. It was a high-risk situation as well as a highly confrontational situation. I asked the probation officer to move me every time I visited the probation office once a week. The probation officer tried to get me moved because of the bad access as I had problems with my leg. I had to get a medical certificate and couldn't afford the $40 to see a doctor. When I knew my neighbour was like he was I started arming myself and preparing myself mentally for when he was going to stab me and a possible confrontation.
This guy wouldn't talk, wouldn't communicate, he refused to. This did my head in, living next to a psycho. I got to a point where I'd had enough. He threatened to kill me. The opportunity arose to get a Mossberg Maverick pump action shotgun for protection against him and former enemies.
I said to the probie: "I'm going to kill my neighbour, he's keeping me awake and I'm losing it. I want to go back to jail. Put me in jail until you can get me another house."
She said: "You don't mean that." I said: "I'm going to kill him." I looked her straight in the eye and said " Yes I do." She goes: "You'd have to be recalled to go back to jail and have to commit a crime to do so." I said: " F . . . that. It took me 4½ years to get out the last time and will take 10 years to get out this time. I don't want to commit a crime."
And she'd said: "You don't mean that you're doing well and being honest with me and expressing yourself and by telling me means you're not going to do it." She was all happy. I said: "Well then I may as well go hard on the crime." I quit the course I had been doing for two months. The probie said I had to get a job. The probie thought I was venting my frustrations and didn't take me seriously. I had a pump action shotgun at this stage two months after my mother went home. I was getting no sleep because the crazy man would keep me awake.
I was trapped in my flat. I couldn't go out as Work and Income were taking money back for grants they gave me when I got out of jail. They said I owed $560. The probie sorted this out and I still ended up owing them money. After Work and Income took the money I was left with $69 a week for everything – bus fare to school, food, clothing, medical expenses and phone. I had to pay $200 in three weeks for medical expenses and I couldn't survive on the $69 so I couldn't pay the bills. If you can't pay the bills there is no medical treatment. I was in pain. You have to pay on leaving so I couldn't attend to my medical needs. I needed to be able bodied for my sports more.

you can get the idea. doomed from the start. interesting how he refers to the neighbour as crazy. the response from the system is interesting.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

middleton/cardno must be worried

the parole board let out graeme burton after they were warned that he would re-offend. they were also told that he was being investigated for violent offences while in prison. a psychologist had warned that he [burton] was a medium to high risk. the parole board held an internal [scoff, hand covering mouth] enquiry and came to the conclusion that despite said information, they made the correct decision. like the police rape case, here is another clear example of arse covering that has endangered the public good and will continue to do so. the right thing to do is, accept that mistakes were made and learn from them. make changes where required. be the community leaders you are supposed to be.
i totally empathise with veronica cardno and mark middleton who are constantly worried about the parole board and their decision making processes.

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what if they're wrong?

from the safe side of the debate [time wise] the pm has declared her abhorrence for the whole police rape trial scenario. as i understand the term, leaders should lead, not follow once they get a taste for how the public feels about it. this [obvious] waiting until it's safe before venturing an opinion seems calculated and lacking in fortitude. is it good to watch the pm kick a man while he is down?
what if they're wrong? what if rickards is guilty of having a bit of consensual fun?
it seems to me that reinstating him as district commander would be far fetched as he has had his integrity besmirched. having group sex with a teen is hardly the behaviour model 'we' want from "our" police force. the public no longer has confidence in him or the police for that matter. troubling to say the least.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

little miss sunshine (review)

i had heard much in the positive about this movie. it was a good look at an american family's life. the swearing, straight laced grandfather was funny. his way of looking at the various problems that cropped up was without the pc-ness of the other adults in the family. the star of the movie [olive] a nine year old beauty pageant [little miss sunshine] winner was convincing when she was required to be. the scene when she was worried about losing the contest and becoming a looser in front of her dad was of the highest calibre. on the other hand, there was a good look at the beauty contest world for children. truly horrible. how anyone can put their daughter through that rubbish is beyond me. a paedophiles heaven. the mc was truly creepy [well done i thought]. you should see this one.
abigail breslin [pic].

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why would they/we want rickards back?

for some reason (which goes some way to convincing me he is unfit) clint rickards is unable to see why he should not be given his job back as auckland's district commander of police. at the least offensive end of the scale, he has admitted to indulging in group sex while married (not a behaviour for a man in his position) at the offensive end, he has been charged with rape twice. how can the public be expected to have full confidence in their police force if that behaviour is considered acceptable? at least the mayor of auckland has stood up on the issue.
it seems that a former policeman who investigated the first case is about to be investigated regarding perverting the course of justice. this has not finished yet. perhaps louise nicholas will be vindicated yet.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

bobs in boots hit christchurch

5 people lined the streets of inner-city christchurch during their lunch hour. mainly women, it could mean only one thing - bare - chested men on vespas(would post video but i am concerned for reader's sensibilities). the bobs in boots parade hit town today. they are in town to promote the "lumber jacks are ok" convention in the phone booth outside the christchurch convention centre. nine pairs of boots and four woolly cardigan wearing nannies circled the square on the backs of vespar scooters creating an unlikely sight. crowd reaction was mixed with yawning and boredom being the most obvious. organisers put the lack of enthusiasm down to the "boobs on bikes" parade round the corner.

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cyfswatch nz back (again)

after being shut down by wordpress for disclosing sue bradford's address, cfyswatch have finally got their own website and here is the address: a new look as well. freedom of speech survives (just).

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time for a change. a new look. gonna have to put up my links etc but change is good. not sure if i'll stick with this one but until i find another this is it.

who polices the police?

i think that it's a valid question. evidently there are some 30 odd police currently up against the court system. police rape trials. police brutality accusations. all kinds of charges. at the moment the police watch the police. is that a good thing?
ms 15, oh maker of great noise has arisen from her bed, at last. it's a hard job (watching tv, playing computer games, watching tv oh and i forgot eating) but someone has to do it. oh yes she did her dishes yesterday after 3 days so it was a particularly busy day. but, like a real trooper, she's back on the computer playing games. mmm, something is amiss.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

'brad shipton forced me to perform oral sex on him' accuses bay of plenty woman

says it all really. how many times does this have to happen before these men are stopped? how much smoke must there be before we say there's a fire? this time it's brad shipton in the firing line. read about it here.

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rickards persecuted 'to stop maori taking top job' ??????

what is this about? what kind of spurious accusation is this? what proof is there of that ['to stop maori taking top job']? could the fact that rickard, shipton and schollum themselves, have contributed to the police and govt reluctance to put him back in as a "top cop" have anything to do with it? is it the two rape accusations, and the fact that schollum and shipton are in jail for rape have anything to do with it? why would two women put themselves through the public scrutiny, unless there is some substance to their accusations? are they both attention seekers? if they are, it sure has worked. something is wrong, I know that.

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