Tuesday, May 29, 2007

all black selected for first game

All Blacks side to face France:

Leon MacDonald, Joe Rokocoko, Isaia Toeava, Aaron Mauger, Sitiveni Sivivatu, Daniel Carter, Piri Weepu, Chris Masoe, Richie McCaw (captain), Reuben Thorne, Ali Williams, Chris Jack, Carl Hayman, Keven Mealamu, Tony Woodcock. Reserves: Andrew Hore, Neemia Tialata, Troy Flavell, Rodney So'oialo, Brendon Leonard, Nick Evans, Ma'a Nonu

a good looking team. can't wait until saturday to see the game with the french.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

boy - racer crackdown

helen (pm) reckons that the police can't cope with the boy - racer problem. its the cell phones. all you have to do to confound the police is buy a cell phone and you have them at an immediate disadvantage. their japanese imports are so fast, they have cell phones and they use them. i can't believe how easy it is to get around them. it seemed obvious to me that there is a solution to the problem. no one under 25 is allowed to drive a car over a certain cc rating. say 1200cc's. they can still race as they most certainly will. it'll just be with less grunt. they must have 3rd party insurance, minimum. of course, then we have to be concerned about their rights. rights to kill and maim, to thumb their collective noses at the police. as usual, no one is concerned that they know nothing of the responsibilities that go with with their rights.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

david bain is free!

some sense at last. david bain said it felt "pretty damn good" to be free on bail after 13 years in jail for five murders he has always maintained he did not commit. i was watching the news so i have just found out that the police did not put forward the fact that david's father had the motive to commit the crime and david did not. david's father was having an incestuous relationship with his daughter and was about to be exposed. looks like a motive to me.
not impressed with the police who wanted to keep david inside for another year while they decide to re-prosecute him or not. mean spirited.
david, enjoy your freedom, live large.

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will they release bain?

bain will make his first public appearance this afternoon, five days after winning his last-chance appeal to the privy council that he had been a victim of a miscarriage of justice. the crown is expected to ask for the hearing to be deferred and for bain to remain in jail in the meantime, but bain's key supporter, former all black joe karam, said an immediate release would be sought. karam has collected about a dozen testimonials supporting bain's bid for freedom, involving those inside and outside jail, as well as professionals and acquaintances.
"he's a very dignified person – david. he's trying not to get his hopes up (but) he just can't wait," he said. "i can't see any good reason under the bail act, which i've read, which would prevent david from getting bail. he's prepared for the worst and hoping for the best."
"of course if your a kiwi and you've been following how the 'born to rule' run this country, you'd have to be concerned. the prosecutor still wants him to remain in jail, even though his conviction has been quashed. i'd be looking at why it was quashed."

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Monday, May 14, 2007

all blacks

the first team of the year is selected on friday. that'll give us kiwi blokes something to chew over. at least it's not as negative as broad howard and his lowest common denominator police force. somehow i find it difficult to bring together the fact that clint rickard will most likely lose his job even though he was found not guilty of rape (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). yet broad howard is actually trying to avoid falling on his swiss army knife, yet he actually broke the law by supplying beastiality movies for his police mates. enough of that. now to the important issues. who will be the centre in the ab's team? who will be the locks (i am excited by the possibility of flavell and robinson being on the field at the same time)? i think jack has been cruising. is he passed his hungriest time? oh yes, a tasty time to come indeed. sure hope the rugby union can keep luke in nz.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

our female education system in motherland aotearoa

"since the 'girls can do anything' advertising campaign in the 1980s, women had received more help to succeed in education and the workforce." this a quote from scots college head graeme yule. education most definitely favours girls. i know this as i am a recently retired teacher. i am still teaching. i have just found a way to do it that does not involve govt interference and the govt predilection for pc-ness. i am a coach. explaining to junior coaches at my work that boys need to be coached in a different manner than girls is a part of my job. the main problem i can see in teaching, is that the job is not attractive to men. schools are full of female teachers. boys are reacting negatively to this feminisation of males. just watch the trouble that female coaches and teachers have with boys. who can fix this? its obvious. men are the ones who must teach boys how to be male. learning this from a woman is obviously very confusing.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

ex-all black's bain campaign costs him millions

so, the privy council has rubbished david bain's conviction of murder. they have ordered a re-trial. joe karam, ex all black, has spent millions getting this done. in an extraordinary move, the privy council has allowed convicted killer david bain's appeal, saying there has been a substantial miscarriage of justice. i have a question. if bain is innocent, who's going to give him his life back? who is going to give karam his money back?

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

teens-the risks

the papers are full of it this morning. what do we do about our teenagers who are killing themselves at parties, in cars, on the streets, at school, using alcohol and drugs? articles about how to keep your teen safe. how to have parties. basically, how to be grown up when you're not. we are letting our children run the streets. we let them out in cars, drinking, getting stoned, having sex and basically doing anything they want without them realising or knowing the ramifications and responsibilities that go with living in the adult world. in short. they are not equipped to handle the reality of an adult perspective. but don't worry. sue bradford will ensure that this state of affairs continues. take away the consequences until its too late. then we are left with mourning families, and groups of teens who just don't understand what has happened. hoping, really wanting, their mum and dad to fix it all up. but they can't.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

dogs given 'P' to make them more aggressive

what? 'p' to make their dogs more aggressive. dogs don't need that kind of abuse to be aggressive. your common garden variety abuse will do the trick. just beat them and under feed them. any cro magnum knows that. as for the idiots who might want to expose the rest of us to their over emphasised machismo, perhaps it is they who should be bent over a barrel and left to the tender mercies of the monsters they create. it is not the dog that should be licensed, its the owner.

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