Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bludging off the landlord

Three 21 year olds in Spencerville [Christchurch] have had trouble paying their rent. They have also had trouble keeping in line with their tenancy contract. So here is this landlord [a friend] who has three youths living in her house for free. My friend the landlord is not too happy with this and issues a 10 day breach of contract and rent arrears notice to her tenants who basically ignore her. So my friend decides to rent her place out to family and issues a 42 days notice of such so that they have plenty of time to get ready. The 42 days expire and no movement from the squatters. So she's now in mediation at the tenancy tribunal. This is seriously costing her [my friend] income. Still no rent. Then they pay $300 on a $1200 arrears. Still not up to date. So my friend's partner moves their stuff out of the house after having checked the property and changes the locks. No way will they get back in. What did they find? The carpets are seriously damaged [disgusting]. There is animal faeces around the inside of the house [even in the kitchen]. The contract specified "no pets" and they have two dogs and a cat. We discovered some missing mail in their kitchen draw [they live next door]. A missing bank password token. They have threatened two of my friend's family members with violence. There is dope smoking gear [a bong made from a bottle], and joint butts all around the lounge floor. The tenancy tribunal found in their favour. Justice????

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Is leaving hospital 5 hours after giving birth a good idea?

A newborn baby lost her life on Friday after leaving Wellington Hospital five hours after her birth. Her parents are convinced that this tragedy was avoidable. The devastated father, 28, said yesterday that though he and his wife, also 28, were not forced to leave the hospital, it was
not made clear they could stay if they wanted to. The parents did not see a doctor or a nurse after the birth. When they asked their midwife how long they would stay, she told them they could go home immediately if they wanted. "They were the professionals with the experience and we relied on their advice. No one ever expressed any doubt about her going home. We do not blame anyone - the midwife and the hospital staff did agood job - but we are speaking out because we do not want this tragedy to happen to anyone else."
Shouldn't a doctor have checked the mum and baby out before they went home? Where's the minimum standards???
You have to wonder about Capital & Coast District Health Board and their plan to make this the norm. Third world care by a third world health system. Here we are with some 9 billion in extra money the government want to use as tax bribes in an election but we can't afford to have a modern successful health system. Time for this government to go. Trouble is, the alternative is no better. This situation is obscene.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Double-murder accused Kahui out on bail

Double murder accused Chris Kahui has been released on bail to a location outside the greater Auckland area. Kahui, accused of murdering his three-month-old twin sons Cru and Chris last year, is due to stand trial on April 14. The trial is expected to last six weeks. Kahui was last month granted bail, but with strict conditions, including living outside of Auckland and having a 24 hour curfew. Mrs Smith told NZPA Kahui was "sitting in the back of the car, very pleased and looking at everything that is green and beautiful".
Today marked a fresh start for Kahui who was keen to put previous bail breaches behind him, she said. "He's paid a heavy penalty for those breaches." Kahui was first bailed in November 2006 to an address outside Auckland but had his address changed to one inside greater Auckland this year. This year he breached his bail three times.
Broke his bail conditions three times! He gets bail again!!
I wonder how this comes about? How come he gets so much leeway? He's up for a double murder of his twins!!! Doesn't make sense.

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