Friday, November 30, 2007

Principal: case will turn teachers away

The trial of a Masterton teacher who was last night cleared of indecency charges against a pupil will damage the profession's appeal as a career, the school's principal says.
Masterton Intermediate deputy principal Russell Thompson was yesterday acquitted by a Wellington District Court jury on two charges of committing indecent acts on a 12-year-old pupil.
It was alleged he touched the girl's bottom on the outside of her clothes on a number of occasions when they were alone. It was also alleged he bent down and kissed her on the mouth.
Mr Thompson had strong support throughout the trial from family and many of his work colleagues, including the school's principal Frazer Mailman.
Many took the stand as character witnesses and spoke about Mr Thompson's high standing among his peers and popularity with the school's pupils.
Mr Mailman said today incidents such as the one in question had a negative impact on all teachers – particularly males. "I believe it has a significant impact in terms of the numbers of male teachers that are in our teaching force," he said.
As mentioned previously, I trained with Russell and I am pleased for him that he has been declared innocent. Teaching is surely not a safe place for men to work. The rules are simple. Never be alone with less than 3 students no matter be they male or female. If you must, make sure there is another staff member with you. I do not blame him that he is looking at his options and would not be surprised if he decided to retrain and embark on another career. It will most certainly have a negative effect on men choosing to be teachers.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vouchers for new mums scrapped

Capital and Coast District Health Board has backed down on its plan to offer mothers $100 supermarket vouchers to leave hospital within six hours of giving birth.
Board chief executive Margot Mains said mothers would still be encouraged to go home directly from the delivery suite, without being admitted to a post-natal ward, if mother and baby were clinically safe. But she had reversed a decision to offer the women $100 supermarket voucher to do so. The hospital came up with the strategy to cover the period from December to January, to deal with a serious shortage of midwives in the region.
Oh I know, they could always pay them (the midwives) well and treat them well too. That may have a beneficial effect.

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Mothers bribed to leave hospital

I was listening to the radio this morning when I heard some absolute idiot claim that Capital Coast Health is not trying to bribe the poor by giving them $100 to leave the maternity hospital after only 6 hours after giving birth.
On what planet is this the way to look after new mums in hospital? They say they are lacking in terms of staff to look after the new mum and her baby. A woman, due to have her second child in January, said she was appalled to be told second-time mothers would be discharged directly
from the delivery suite after normal births. "My midwife was horrified. This is treating women like numbers, that is if you push your baby out quick enough, here's your $100 reward."
Time to do something about that. Wouldn't you say?

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For the Acquisitive at Christmas

Another useful Christmas gift for those acquisitive little people in your life. What could be better than a self-twirling pasta fork???
How did we ever get on without this wonderful invention?

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Here's a real humdinger of a Christmas gift for all you Gomer Piles out there.
We seem to have forgotten the reason for the season.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Delivery man's arm ripped off by speeding car

A man watched in horror as emergency services tried in vain to save his brother-in-law's life after he was hit by a speeding car and left hanging through the windscreen without an arm.
Aaron Chan, 21, of Manukau, was with his brother-in-law unloading goods from their delivery van when a car ploughed into him on West Coast Rd, Glen Eden, about 6.30pm on Monday.
He was thrown on to the bonnet of the car as it ran along the footpath, over the top of a small tree and into a brick wall. When it came to rest Mr Chan was lying across the bonnet with the upper part of his body through the windscreen. His arm was severed and most bones appeared to be badly broken.
The two arrested men - a 35-year-old from New Lynn and a 28-year-old from Whangaparaoa - are to appear in the Waitakere District Court today.

The question must be asked. When will the authorities in Aotearoa NZ put a definitive stop to the behaviour that is causing this angst and horror for innocent families?
  1. No more high performance cars in our country;
  2. No more making cars high performance in our country;
  3. Huge punishment for those who cause this type of damage;
  4. Boy racing should now be illegal and incurs severe punishment.
Time to do something useful Helen!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Only in America or Ruatoki :-)

‘The back up’ on fox news - you have to see it to believe it. Only in America! According to the latest police sources in the Urewera, residents in Ruatoki are picking up on this idea to aid them in their plans for the world domination of Tuhoe.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Government plot??

The anti-terror raids of October 15 resulted in the seizure of only four weapons and 230 rounds of ammunition that have led to charges. The early-morning raids involved more than 300 officers. The police have not said what they seized in the property searches in Auckland, Waikato, the Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Christchurch using warrants alleging crimes under the Terrorism Suppression Act and have declined a request to do so. But of 16 people charged with firearms offences, items seized on October 15 are the basis of charges against only two - Tame Iti, and a man who has name suppression. The charges Iti faces include illegal possession on that date of three rifles - a Ruger, a Siga and a Machtech - while the other man is charged in regard to a Ruger rifle and 100 rounds of .22 calibre bullets and 130 rounds of .303 calibre ammunition. The police said it was inappropriate to comment about matters before the court.

If this is really happening as the report says it is, what was the point if not to create a diversion for Helen Clarke and to provide another way for the labour party to score points with the public? They sure have jumped in the polls since this happened.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Immigrant tasered to death

The debate over the use of tasers is likely to resurface
after the release of a video showing a man being stunned to death in
Click here to see video (caution: graphic)

The video footage shows the last moments of a Polish national who was
stunned by a taser gun by police at Vancouver International Airport.
Robert Dziekanski, 40, of Pieszyce, Poland, was restrained by police after becoming agitated at the airport on October 14. Mr Dziekanski, a construction worker who spoke no English, was declared dead at the scene. The incident is being investigated by police, the coroner and airport authorities. Up to 18 people have died after being stunned by tasers in Canada since 2003, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported. New Zealand police are expected to decide before Christmas whether to introduce 50,000-volt taser stun guns. However, even if approved, it is unlikely every frontline officer will get one.

I reckon our police would love to know that you can taser a man to death. Could've scored themselves some old Maori in Ruatoki. Of course they could just tackle the guy down, and he could still be alive. Mind you that would require some kind of fitness level. Hard to achieve when you have a job that no longer has a walking beat, they spend their day in cars or behind a desk.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What are you up to Helen Clarke?

As we approach an election and it is obvious that Labour are not as popular as they would like. Could it be that the Government have engineered the terrorism fiasco so that they dumb down the king maker effect of the Maori Party because as we all know, the Maori Party will defend Tuhoe? Is their plan to nullify the Maori Party rather than rely on them to support Labour's policy in government. After the release of the police case files to the Dom Post (which was possibly less than legal) Helen is now jumping on the bandwagon to gain points with the public. Its all fitting together quite nicely for Helen don't you think?

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Dom Post lets me down.

I see the Dom Post did not maintain balance this morning by printing the other side of the terrorism story. I was hoping there would be some attempt at telling us the whole story and not just taking one side of the equation. Bugger!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What the Police heard!

Suspect tells another it would be good to kill Pakeha to get trainees used to killing. Also suggests making their own tracer ammunition and using tungsten projectiles to go through a "cop vest" and through "his f...... mate".

Bug in vehicle, recorded April 6, 2007.

"Get someone to assassinate the prime minister, the new one, next year's one. Just been in office five days, bang ... Yeah. John Key ... just drop a bomb ... Just wait till he visits somewhere and just blow them ... They won't even find you."
Two suspects in bugged vehicle, August 17, 2007.

"They want to start blowing shit up. You know, they want to blow up power plants, gas plants, Telecom, petrol f...... places and shit like that."
Two suspects in bugged vehicle, June 23, 2007.

"You know like the IRA in England ... it's gonna happen here ... I'm ready to die, mate. I'm gonna hurt this country, I've had a gutsful ... I wanna leave this planet making sure that I've done a f...... huge amount of harm to this country."
Suspect recorded on bugged phone, May 26, 2006.

"It'd have to be a, some sort of f......, sudden f......, because what it'll do, it'll come down on the thinking of the people, they'll think it's al Qaeda ... It's gotta be sudden and it's gotta be brutal."

Other suspect says: "Don't piss around with cities or doing the bush thing ... just go to Parliament."

Two suspects in bugged vehicle, August 17, 2007.

"I heard you talking about the napalm shit." Response from unknown man: "I'll make some and bring some next time round, show everyone how to make it."
Conversation in bugged vehicle, September 16, 2007.

"No, I'm teaming up with the Maoris, we have to ... I'll come and see ya, I can't f...... take the white man on without the c...s ... I'm declaring war on this country."
Bugged cellphone, May 22, 2007.

"Tuhoe wouldn't have popular support for a bombing campaign in New Zealand."

Reply: "It would in Tuhoe though ... What about if we did a bombing campaign that blew up Waihopai spy base, power dams, gas facilities, TV stations and radios ... It's a strategy that's gonna be f...... urban warfare. We are training in the wrong place." First speaker: "What's going to be the strategy?"
Reply: "Strategy will divide, will divide Aotearoa ... extreme violence and extreme f...... actions too."

Two suspects in bugged vehicle, June 23, 2007.

"I cut down all of my work, right down. Ah, I'm only focusing to go to war."
Bugged suspect, April 26, 2007.

"There's nothing in this country can stop you once you got it, you can kill anybody you want. They'll never be able to find you."
Suspect talking in bugged vehicle about asking for sniper's rifle, August 16, 2007.

"Wait till bullets start going through people, that's f...... horrible ...
Wait till your mate's head gets blown off because someone dobbed us in and we get f...... shot at."

Suspect in bugged sleeping room, June 23, 2007.

"There's about 10 manuals ... There's the al Qaeda manual and that's f...... good. That's right up to date." Later another suspect says: "That last exercise was a bit freaky for me, having a gun in my back."
Response: "High level of secrecy, we needed, you know, we need to test people."

Bugged training camp room, June 23, 2007.

Suspect X tells Suspect Y he is tired of playing games. Suspect Y says they need good planning so they don't die on the first day. Both worry about the enemy within their ranks and talk about needing 20 small squads, such as in Iraq, carrying out their own missions.
Bugged vehicle, April 4, 2007.

Now what do you think? Should these guys be taken to task?
If this is what you were doing, of course you will be taken to task Tame. I still do not think the Police should've treated the elderly, women and children, and men who were not suspected, in the manner that they did.
It will be interesting to see if the Dom prints the other side of the story - balance and all that.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bigotry alive and kicking in Aotearoa NZ

I am listening to JT and Willy (John Tamahere and Willy Jackson) on Radio live. They are discussing Tame Iti having his say on national television. His crime (according to some), he spoke for himself, in Maori. I am amazed at how many people found it offensive!
Maori is an official language of Aotearoa NZ. Why wouldn't he use his reo?
I cannot believe the rednecks in this country. In this country, we have the right to speak. We have the right to disagree. We were once allowed to voice our opposition. Now, the government is trying to curtail our right to voice our disagreement. Watch out kiwis, there is a move against your freedom.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

They got it wrong.

"I can have conversations over a whole year, and they pick and choose what they want," he said. "If they wanted, they should have come and
knocked on my door. It's state madness." Iti said that blaming inadequate laws for the failure of the terror charges amounted to the state "covering their arses". Collins and the police were interpreting his activities from a different cultural viewpoint. "What they see as disturbing, we see as something completely different.
If I go 'blah'," he said, sticking out his tongue in a whetero, "do you see that as disturbing? When I exposed my buttocks (in protest), the uneducated would see that as disturbing. But in our culture it has a context."
Iti's focus over the next week would be to regroup with his family and visit people in the Tuhoe community to thank them and check on their wellbeing."We've got to be more vigilant of the possibility of another state attack on our backyard," he said.
He said "thousands" had been recruited to the Tuhoe cause by the raids, which involved more than 300 police across the country and which he characterised as "not just an attack on me personally, but on my family and the whole of Tuhoe".
"I mean: who invaded Tuhoe? I had guns to my head, what do you call that?"

I call it idiocy, an idiocy that helps resentment grow in Maoridom.. Sooner or later we must decide who's idiocy we will allow. I for one, am sick of watching Maori take the hits from Pakehadom.
So, the Police got it wrong. Now they should pay the price.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stuff Opinion Poll

The Stuff Opinion Poll on their homepage this morning ask this question:
Is Josie Bullock, who refused to move during a Maori farewell ceremony
when asked to because she is female, right to make a stand? Your choice was:
  • Yes - Maori culture must adapt
  • No - Bullock should respect Maori culture
Of course the overwhelming result was the first option. I wonder what the result would've been if they went in to places like Ruatoki, Ruatoria, Hiruharama and asked the question there? Is it a great leap of the mind to realise that the Tangata Whenua (indigenous people) of Aotearoa do not spend too much time on the web looking at Many of them don't even own a computer. Just how "fair" is that poll?
As for Bullock comparing herself to Rosa Parks. She does an injustice to a truly great woman.
Is there a need for Government Departments to use their own tikanga instead of butchering ours. Absolutely. Except maybe the Ministry of Maori Affairs.
I do wish that the media would stop portraying the issue as a Maori vs Pakeha culture war. These idiots just keep fanning the fires of racism.
Its simple. When in Rome.....

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jordayne Katene flicks acid gets the boot!

So, Jordayne Katene's mother wants us to feel sorry that Rob Mill (Principal) at Wainuiomata High School has given her (Jordayne) the boot from his school for flicking acid at her science teacher because she was angry???
I think that, that reasoning is perverse, and another good example of how removing children from the consequences of their actions is having a seriously detrimental effect on their behaviour patterns. Rob, if you give in to this seriously disturbed child you will be doing her no favours. She must reap what she has sown. Its how we learn.
Just wanting to scare him (the teacher) is not acceptable and this must be communicated to Jordayne with strength and clarity or she will continue to justify her misguided behaviour by saying "I only....."

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