Sunday, October 28, 2007

What do we do?

They're not happy. Would you be happy if the police had dropped in on you brandishing automatic weapons, threatening your family, including your children? Would you like to be accused of terrorism? Would you be pleased if your community had been singled out for this treatment because someone was suspected of planning terrorist activities? Is this racism? Is this how we Kiwis want our people treated? Why have they not been charged yet under the suppression of terrorism act? What is going on in our country? Are we being abused by the born to rule? What will we do to let them know that we will not be treated this way? Protest! Will our objections be taken seriously? Can we be heard in the current political climate? C'mon Helen, lead the country. Do the right thing (whatever it is).

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alleged Terrorist Named

Omar Hamed. You have to wonder don't you. A Palestinian. Born in Greece and raised on the North Shore. He is currently being held in custody. I truly hope he isn't guilty. I really hope he isn't a terrorist. If he is......out you go, back to Palestine. No second chance. We don't want that shit here. If he's innocent, those who accused him must be brought to justice. Equally, no second chances. This is serious stuff. Waiting to see what happens with Tame Iti's court appearance this afternoon. I have the same opinion. Guilty, you lose your right to be here. Innocent, then justice must be delivered to those who have accused.
Updated Friday 26th October check this out, are we still developing our very own Police State? Are they out of control? Do we have 72 year old terrorists to worry about? Or are the Police naff?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our American Coach

After the last episode I was hoping that the Chicago-ite might settle down and stop insulting and annoying people at work. This was not to be. Next came the announcement that so and so was an idiot and this person can't do that and in general, anyone who did not agree with "his" view must belong to the "peanut gallery." Basically, he was marching out of step with everyone and from his viewpoint, it must mean that "they" were all wrong. "They" were dangerous. I believe that this was a tactic employed to stop me from looking at the result of his work. I was starting to notice, the fruit of his toil, was not sweet. He was not being productive and he was increasingly negative in regard to the effect he was having on those around him. Sometimes, when a coach is hired, it soon becomes apparent that there is not a good fit. It isn't working. Next comes the attacks. Not good. Watch out for this dude.

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Tame Iti and his IRA plan

There seem to be many views on what is actually happening in the Urewera. The police are now talking about an IRA style plan to make war on New Zealand and Tame Iti is at the head of that plan. It will be right to wait and see just what information has been gathered in their investigation over the last 18 months or so. I came across this article this morning.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tame Iti. Is he a terrorist?

I have been watching and listening to the debate raging round New Zealand. Is Tame Iti a terrorist?
The nation wide raid that netted Tame Iti at this time seems as though it might be somewhat suspect. We are led to believe that a year long investigation into guerilla-style weapons training in the Urewera has led to these arrests. One would expect that the charges to be laid will be related to the suppression of terrorism act. If not, why have these people been raided using the act to justify the raids after a year long investigation?
If it turns out that the raids are justified, I think serious questions will be asked about the motives of these so called guerillas.
I am disturbed about reports of tooled up [armed] police in warfare gear terrorising women and children on a bus in the Bay of Plenty. Who are the terrorists here?
This, from John Minto is interesting.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Problem Solving

I made a mistake. This guy from Chicago arrived in Christchurch and set about making claims that he has the experience when it comes to coaching gymnastics, and running a gymnastic business, and generally being a straight ahead guy that one could count on. He tried to share his vision with me and that is when I became wary of his motive.
He wanted me to help him get rid of some people and then take over the club and run it as a business.
I found it strange that he would want to do this when he has no experience of gymnastics in New Zealand, especially how small the community is. Everything is everybody's business.
I gave him my opinion that he should slow down and earn the right to lead. He didn't listen.
He then found out that I was building a website for the club. He agreed that it should be done and that it was a good idea. When the website was ready to go online, I went to register our domain name, which would be the name of the club. It was then that I found out that the club couldn't buy the domain name as it was already owned by, you guessed it, our very own Chicago-ite. The cost of the name was $39.95. Our erstwhile friend offered it to the club for $200. I made up another domain name and told him he could keep it.
As you could imagine, the club was getting nervous about this guy. We should have gotten rid of him then.
More later.
This opinion is of course my own and is NOT official.

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