Tuesday, June 26, 2007

all black weekend

sometimes, something should be said. congratulations graham henry, so far, so good. that was a good win over a springbok team that played well. the fitness of the all blacks came through in the end. henry (the coach) has had his share of detractors here in godzone but credit where its due. the reconditioning programme has indeed lifted the sheer speed and intensity of the all black game, even if paul ackford can't see it. why was there so much dropped ball? because the springbok defense was very robust. most definitely won by the forwards. well done to the loose forward trio. as for our much maligned locking duo, they were fine after a shaky start. not bad at all for the 5th and 6th locks in the country. a great game. oz this weekend. should be a good game too. bring it on.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

online banking

i've been having a great time putting the correct password into my bank account online. i did it twice and after the site warned me about putting my password (correctly) into the space i had one more shot (or so it said). it then locked me out with one more shot to go. frustrating. checked the account on the phone and all is well. its just the site. hopeless. well done kiwibank.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

the weekend, the weather

it is interesting to watch the kiwi tall poppy syndrome in action. those all blacks only beat canada 64 - 13! how inept was that? they were expected to win in the 70's. i wonder how difficult it is to bring yourself up to par when you know you will win with an under-par performance? the canadians are calling for a rematch. i wonder how that would go? the french suffered badly with the rematch after the all blacks found it difficult to find their legs in the first game. i think a rematch would result in a severe thrashing for the canadians. still, they played well in the first half. we found out that ross fillipo likes playing test football. though i am sure south africa will be a much different kettle of fish next weekend in the tri-nations.
yes the warriors won! out of the losing streak at last. shark for dinner. much pleasure indeed. i am still shaking my head over the performance of captain steve price. the man was majestic backing up after a great state of origin on thursday.
its cold. too cold to work. cold enough to stay in bed and we haven't even got to the cold part of winter yet. not looking forward to that at all. there has to be a way of living in perpetual summer. a job here in the summer then move to brisbane for their winter which is like our summer. sounds good to me.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

french for dinner

the all blacks really stepped up a few levels tonight. a shame the french were not in it. 61 - 10 is a thrashing in anyone's language. shame ali williams got a broken jaw and keith robinson injured a calf in the warm -up! sure would like to see robinson on the field. all three wingers looked real sharp. toeava was sharp in places. dropped two passes though. pretty good for the 2nd test of the season. ritchie seems to be playing himself into form which is just great for us. canadians next week. how will they cope?

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Friday, June 08, 2007

gunshots in nae nae

interesting this morning how a family has been evicted from their state house in auckland for terrorising their neighbourhood. i know (from personal experience) that there are a whole street and surrounding streets in nae nae lower hutt who wouldn't mind the same thing happening to a family in their midst. their boy was shot at two days ago. his family have been terrorising their neighbourhood. youth gangs are rife in nae nae there have been several stabbings and now two shootings. the l.a. gang culture is taking over the streets in nae nae. about time housing nz stopped congregating these people in concentrated areas. about time the people at number 6 dempsey st were moved on. we have had enough of the gangs. my aged parents are becoming frightened to walk to the shops.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

death by corporation

i have heard various points of view regarding the woman who died because mercury energy turned off her power. some points uncharitable to say the least. out came the "isms" from the pakeha culture in new zealand. they are just that, "isms." i am looking at "stuff" today and they bring forward some of the points being used against the family including "police investigations are continuing" and evidently the family "still prefer to speak samoan." there have also been complaints that they (the family) give their money to the church. some have said things like, they spend all their money at kfc. i would remind one and all in aotearoa. we are defined by the way we look after those who for whatever reason, are not able to cope with today's society.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

a new site

got the new work website up and running. quite a mission too. no pics yet but you can find out about gymnastics in addington (christchurch) and contact us through the site. it'll get better as we go along. check it out here, its called ImpactAlpha Gymsports. i am pleased to have the site up. just getting into site maps to aid the google bot when its crawling the web looking for answers.

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