Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alleged Terrorist Named

Omar Hamed. You have to wonder don't you. A Palestinian. Born in Greece and raised on the North Shore. He is currently being held in custody. I truly hope he isn't guilty. I really hope he isn't a terrorist. If he is......out you go, back to Palestine. No second chance. We don't want that shit here. If he's innocent, those who accused him must be brought to justice. Equally, no second chances. This is serious stuff. Waiting to see what happens with Tame Iti's court appearance this afternoon. I have the same opinion. Guilty, you lose your right to be here. Innocent, then justice must be delivered to those who have accused.
Updated Friday 26th October check this out, are we still developing our very own Police State? Are they out of control? Do we have 72 year old terrorists to worry about? Or are the Police naff?

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