Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our American Coach

After the last episode I was hoping that the Chicago-ite might settle down and stop insulting and annoying people at work. This was not to be. Next came the announcement that so and so was an idiot and this person can't do that and in general, anyone who did not agree with "his" view must belong to the "peanut gallery." Basically, he was marching out of step with everyone and from his viewpoint, it must mean that "they" were all wrong. "They" were dangerous. I believe that this was a tactic employed to stop me from looking at the result of his work. I was starting to notice, the fruit of his toil, was not sweet. He was not being productive and he was increasingly negative in regard to the effect he was having on those around him. Sometimes, when a coach is hired, it soon becomes apparent that there is not a good fit. It isn't working. Next comes the attacks. Not good. Watch out for this dude.

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