Sunday, September 30, 2007

Coffee Culture The Palms Christchurch

It's Sunday. I was up until 2am this morning watching the All Blacks go through another training run in the Rugby World Cup. I got up at the crack of 11am and felt a coffee and a piece of fudge would go down well. Off I went to the Palms in Christchurch. I arrived at the Coffee Culture Cafe ad ordered my Low fat decafe flat white and a slice of what they call "nana's fudge." I waited and the coffee came but no fudge. I told the waitress and the fudge duly arrived. Well, half a slice of fudge did anyway. The serving has gotten so small! But don't worry, the price has remained the same. I also have another wee gripe. When at the Palms the other night for a movie, I tried to get a coffee, but alas, no low fat milk. So, "never mind" I said. I left but returned to get a piece of fudge (which was bigger then). What did I see? They were pouring full fat milk into a low fat container! Pretty classy huh? Not good Coffee Culture, not good at all.

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