Sunday, September 02, 2007

Abusive teachers still in classroom

PC-ness gone wild. So wild in fact that we cannot protect our children from abuse in the classroom. Abusive teachers are protected by the privacy act. Our children are not safe. Last October, the Herald revealed teachers with a range of problems - including convictions for battery of an 11-year-old, importing ecstasy and supplying cannabis to minors, sexual abuse of a teenage girl, and admitting to sex with students - had been allowed back into classrooms.
I am perplexed. Who allowed these people back into the classroom?
"The requirements of the Privacy Act have been cited by the Ministry for refusing the information we have been seeking for many months. This information is essential to the Council to enable it to track the employment of teachers, such as those cited in the Herald on Sunday (22 October 2006)."
Meanwhile, the rights of these "teachers" take precedent over the safety of our children. It seems the government will make it easier to keep an eye on these people at last. It is their fault the Privacy Act can be used to protect these predators in our schools. Hang on, did I just say "our schools".

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