Tuesday, February 13, 2007

oh woe is she

ms "n" who is the older sister of ms 15, a young mother, a whole 21 years old and a nice young woman, has decided to cease the smoking habit she started when she was 13. eight years as a drug addict sure is hard to "cold turkey" but she has started. the withdrawal has hit. she (this morning) has a major headache. so ms15 and her mum are off to provide the required support. they have taken a good measure of "mother earth" remedies that won't work so all should be well. hopefully. i did google some more remedies for them. who knows, they might do something that will work or just having the support might do the trick. smoking, man that sucks.

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At 7:11 PM , Blogger Chuck said...

say brother, how goes it? i smoked for 24 years and quit cold turkey, put them down and that was it, after going 3 days without a smoke i said now that i've quit i'll be damned if i start again. feb 24 will be 2 years since i've lit up. tell sis good luck.


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