Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Maori concerns can not be brushed aside” says Tariana Turia

“the concerns of Maori must not be brushed aside again” said mrs Turia today, responding to statements she had made about the impact of the government’s immigration policy on the creation of the Maori electoral districts. the Maori party has fielded many calls from constituents, who believe that the fact Maori did not achieve an eighth electoral seat is a direct consequence of high overall population growth that has arisen through the influx of migrants to Aotearoa. “these callers have reminded me that tangata whenua are the only people in Aotearoa who cannot increase their numbers by immigration” said mrs Turia. “as such, they believe it is a question of justice that present and future immigration is managed in such a way as to prevent Maori from becoming an even smaller minority in their own land”. “It is appropriate that as we approach Waitangi day, we look again at the impact that immigration has on national identity” tangata whenua often refer to Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the treaty) as being the first immigration policy document for this nation. dr Ranginui Walker has described the preamble of the treaty as the original charter for immigration; in that it allows immigration to Aotearoa (nz) from europe, australia and the united kingdom, but requires consultation with Maori as treaty partner for any variation. Walker argues that the government has ignored the notion of partnership by unilaterally deciding who can enter Aotearoa without consultation with Maori.
“the Treaty sets the scene by which all subsequent migrants and communities can survive and prosper in Aotearoa” Tariana Turia.
more to do, more to discuss, more to think about. at least we are still trying to get it right.

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At 12:29 AM , Blogger stevet said...

I do agree that Maori feeling should be taken into account, I also see that because you are a minority, democracy is weighted against you. The problem is that either NZ embraces democracy - the rule by the will of the majority - or the many are ruled by the few. That is no recipe for harmony.

Also immigration is part of the modern world. There are an estimated 200,000 Kiwi's in Britain. 500,000 Polish, 800,000 Indian or Pakistani born - that doesn't include second or third generation.

I do regret what the British did in NZ but at the same time if you want to live in the modern world then you have to live with what comes with it. The more you lot come over here and tell us how beautiful NZ is the more we will come! And as a Brit with a lot of Kiwi friends: Kiwis do that an aweful lot!

Haere ra.

Steve Tolley

At 9:50 PM , Blogger shane said...

can't say as i blame them. cause it is true. still, there is much more to do.


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