Sunday, February 18, 2007

graham burton, murderer by career choice

capital punishment would achieve more than parole???

i can't agree about graham burton. the problem is not parole, it is that a convicted killer is being released back into the community, only to kill again. the bigger problem in my view is that we have abandoned capital punishment. if graham burton had been executed after committing one murder the community can be assured that he will not go on to offend again. capital punishment has a long tradition -- it is sanctioned by religion and by centuries of experience. i believe if we brought back capital punishment then the murder rate would go down and the community would be satisfied that justice had been done. under our current system a convicted murderer can expect to return to the community after 17 years or so. the victim does not have that opportunity.

scott lelievre

i have just watched a doco about our system of parole and justice. they are so entrenched in their "process" that they have already started talking about the process regarding graham burton and his next parole after his second murder. how weird is that? after cyfs watch, is there a need for a "parole board watch" web site? or is the question, should his behaviour be stopped for good? you have to wonder.
the burton case

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