Wednesday, May 17, 2006


i forgot to mention one of my greatest fun junkie outlets. fishing. what a plesure that is. don't have to catch anything, just like to relax and wait and think.
the "trout" is following her husband around making sure he cleans up to her standard and doesn't enjoy himself. then she's off inside to talk on the phone or walk on her machine. sorry, but it's funny to watch.
the family (part one):
chev. chev is 13. i don't know who named him after a car, but that is truly unfortunate. chev is a foster boy (adopted). chev's claim to fame is......he can't urinate straight. drives us all nuts. he is also allergic to cleaning up after his inaccurate attempts at relieving himself. of course, like most teens, he knows everything and what does he need the family for? an afternoon watching him operate is like going to a stand up comedy show. more later.


At 6:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fishing was one of my Dad's favorite things to do when I was growing up. He would take us out of school to go fishing, but alas, there are so many people in Arizona now that going to any lake is a chore instead of a pleasure! Last time we went there was a 3 hour wait to launch your boat, sometimes they close the lakes because there are more people and boats than the lake can accommodate. If you're lucky enough to get your boat in the lake you can't fish because there are so many speed boats, skiers, and jet skis the fish go deep and hide.

On the scone recipe it asks for 1 teaspoon mixed spice? I'm thinking cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg?

How do you get the name flat whites? Coffee with cream?

Would that make black coffee flat blacks?


PS. Chev is a cute name for a boy! It didn't hurt Chevy Chase in his career. Hope Chev's aim gets better!

At 7:37 PM , Blogger shane said...

allspice i think. flatwhite is a single or double shot expresso and milk [generally lo fat].
chev is chev. he is funny as. i like him.

At 7:40 PM , Blogger shane said...

we have room here. you can go fishing in lake, sea or river and not see anyone else for ages. i prefer sea fishing cause you never know what you will catch. we are spoilt in that.

At 2:19 AM , Blogger Chuck said...

when you described chev, i think you described just about every 13 year old american boy. it's good you like him.

azcg usa - i'm sorry about the lake conditions there. i live in green country also known as lake country to some. the bad thing about lakes around here is picking which one to go to, not to mention all the rivers. lake eufaula is one of the biggest man made lakes in america, it's about 30 minutes from here.

blatfest - thanks for adding me to your links. have a good one.


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